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Cleansing Kit
Cleansing Kit - Lunar Crystals
Cleansing Kit
Cleansing Kit
Cleansing Kit

Cleansing Kit

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NOTE:  This kit does not come with instructions! Please find instructions on how to use below! Please see photos for size reference of Selenite stick you’ll receive in your kit. Colouring, sizing & markings on the shells will all vary slightly to the picture! Shells are raw & natural straight from the ocean. 

Cleanse your home and aura from all that stagnant negative energy that no longer serves you or your highest good! Did you know Sage kills 98% of airborne bacteria?! Goodbye germs! Simply use this kit by lighting your sage and or Palo santo until it’s well lit then blow it out. Cleanse every room starting at the front door ( make sure you reach up into all the nooks and cranny’s as this is where the bad vibes like to hide!) Use your Abalone shell as a bowl to catch the burnt sage or simply place your sage in the bowl while its lit and smudge your house this way! Selenite is cleansing, use this wand to wave around the room to absorb negative energy and to enhance and bring positivity into the room, it can also be used to charge and cleanse your crystals if you place them on or around it!

Kit includes: 

1x Small Selenite stick 

1x Palo Santo stick 

1x Natural unpolished Abalone Shell 

1x Small white Sage